How to choose the perfect campervan for your summer holidays

Every trip we plan is the beginning of a new adventure; where to go, what to visit and what to eat, where to sleep, what to bring and, obviously, the people we share the experience with on the way. The type of trip we choose depends highly on who we decide to travel with (alone, as a couple, with family or friends) and the aim of the journey (adventure, relaxation, nature, cityscape, among many others).

A road trip can be demanding if it mainly involves numerous hours on the road to get to a specific destination. However, by travelling in a campervan or motorhome, the journey becomes part of the destination, thanks to the list of advantages offered by travelling while you are… literally at home. This, together with situational cautiousness in relation to long-haul travel, could be part of the reasoning that turned campervan travelling into one of the hottest travel trends this summer. “Being able to be flexible within the current scenario of restrictions, while enjoying an integrated and unique travel experience out of the ordinary, could be part of the reason why we see so many people heading on a campervan road trip for the first time this summer”, says Hugo Oliviera, CEO of Indie Campers.

As there is a lot of different van models and types out there and a lot of customers heading on a campervan trip for the first time, Indie Campers highlights the importance of picking the right van for the occasions to identify the type of van that is most convenient for your needs, whether it is an active holiday, romantic escape or self-reflecting solo trip:

For great adventures, having the chance to be spontaneous and turn around on the spot might be key to make the most of every moment. It might, therefore, be beneficial to aim for a more compact campervan for a more flexible journey. Go for the convenience of an open indoor space by looking out for vans with an outdoor opposed to indoor shower, as well as a portable toilet. This will make the indoor space larger and you will have more space to store equipment for outdoor sports within a van that is still easy to drive and manoeuver.

Iconic independence. Dreaming of heading on an epic solo adventure, where the wind guides you to get fully in touch with nature and your inner self? For a solo campervan choice, think convenience, how much space you need and security. A safe choice is the modern adaptation of the classic VW Bulli which really will get you into the vibe of independence and freedom. One of the main features of such models is their high quality while not requiring a lot of special considerations in terms of driving, as it basically is a longer version of a normal car. Its minimal width makes it easier to access those hidden gems you have been dreaming about. Smaller campervans such as these are ideal for solo trips or picturesque romantic getaways.

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Comfort deluxe. For a fully comfortable family holiday on the road, opt for space and full facilities, such as a large kitchen and living space. This way, you don’t have to make lots of adjustments as everything is in place both for a good night’s sleep and an excellent dinner with a view, without much effort. Practical features such as conveniently placed USB plugs and ports, smart storage solutions and a fully equipped closable bathroom will make your holiday seamless. Most semi-integrated motorhomes offer lots of space on the road, while still meeting the requirements for a regular driver licence (Category B).

No compromises. If you can’t decide between “space and comfort” and “style and convenience”, go for a large and autonomous campervan, with a fully integrated kitchen and bathroom with shower within. Some new large campervans require a bit more effort to drive, but in return make you fully independent and comfortable on the road, without compromising on style and convenience. If you want the freedom of being totally off the grid, look out for models that have large water tanks for fresh and grey water, as well as a large fridge.

Indie Campers is Europe’s leading campervan rental company. The company currently has a fleet of more than 850 campervans in over 40 locations across The United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Croatia, Belgium, Austria and the Mediterranean islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. Campervans can be picked off and dropped off in different locations and include 24/7 support and roadside assistance to give the ultimate road trip experience. Rentals also include a cooler or fridge, cleaning kit and air conditioning. At an optional cost extra, you can add bedding and kitchen kit, airport transfer, bikes, outdoor furniture, surfboards, wetsuits, BBQs and more. Indie Campers already have clients from more than 130 nationalities who have spent more than 200,000 nights in campervans. More information on and Instagram.

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