Peddler Night Market – Veg Out

If there is a street food market going on and especially one that provides plant-based options, you are highly likely to find me there!

Peddler Night Market is one of my favourite discoveries since moving to Sheffield. Along with most things Kelham Island actually. This street food market is once a month at the 92 Burton Road site and every three/four months is there ‘Veg Out’ event where all their traders are vegetarian or vegan friendly.

Selling themselves as a “community of traders, makers, movers and shakers”. I definitely got that feel when I attended their latest ‘Veg Out’ night last weekend.

You enter the site via the security check point, this is standard isn’t it to ensure you’re not taking any of your own plonk into the event and of course, for your comfort and safety.

The first courtyard in packed with venders and the smell of awesome street food engulfs you all around. The chatter of people over in the seating area enhances the atmosphere and provides an instant community feel.

Walking through into the main hall you are spoilt for choice with more food options, an enormous bar with plentiful craft beer choices and another larger seating area where you can pull up a pew and chill with a nice pint or tipple of your choice.

There are some independent trader stalls set up at the back of the hall for your perusal and the local artist are on hand to help share their work with you, the paying public.

A DJ is normally set up in the corner helping the buzzing atmosphere spill out to all areas of the market.

A smile strikes across my face as two young children get down to the beat and dance without a care in the world while their families around them are enjoying a catch up with friends and quite rightly stuffing their faces!

The second courtyard out the back has yet more venders, a fire pit and a stage set up for the live performers.

What’s cool about back here is that the businesses such as Depot Bakery and Nether Edge Pizza also get involved and open their doors to the market goers too. The Kelham Arcade is open for a browse and who doesn’t love picking up a cute little cactus from The Gravel Pit while partaking in mouth-watering food & drink?

I decided to try the currywurst and rosemary salted fries from ‘Get Wurst’ As I haven’t tried a seitan bratwurst before, and I love curry and I love fries, so I was eager to dive in. It was a delicious and enjoyable meal. I’m not always keen on the texture of faux meats but this curry bratwurst was great. The ketchup and pickle on the side added a lovely fresh tang to the dish and the fries were seasoned just right.The portion size was decent, leaving room for some pudding if you wish. but at £7.50 I was left feeling that it was a little overpriced for what you got. Especially when you think you may also want a few drinks and some desert also, you know, if you are making a night of it!

You may expect to spend slightly less at a street food market I suppose than you would in a restaurant. But once drinks, deserts and coffee where had. It totalled to the same as standard night out at a nice restaurant, if not more.

This is something to definitely bear in mind if considering a visit. You’re paying for more specialist food and a different dining experience. Possibly more of a treat event than a regular outing in my opinion.

The event itself is cool though and definitely worth checking out. There are no excuses either as it is child and dog friendly. Though it is to be noted to families that as the evening gets later, it becomes more drink focused and fills up with those wishing to paint the town red.

Peddler Night Markets are the first Friday and Saturday of each month.
March to December.
Fridays 5pm – 11pm
Saturdays 2pm – 11pm
Entry is free.

peddler-night-market-veg-outPeddler kicks out the most awesome set up, thriving in atmosphere and provides an ace backdrop to a great gathering, no matter the occasion.


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