Heyeco Beeswax Food Wrap

Wrapping up leftovers usually means struggling to find the end of the cling film roll and cursing as the film invariably sticks to itself and won’t unravel.

So Heyeco’s solution looks to be a great idea.  It is a roll of organic cotton wrap covered in beeswax that you can cut to shape and reuse. It can be used for fruit and vegetables, sandwiches and to cover jars and bowls of leftovers. It isn’t recommended for raw meat and won’t go in the microwave.

To use it, you mould it round the food and the warmth of your hands makes it pliable so it will sticks to itself to wrap the food. You have to hold it in place for a few seconds so it sticks and holds its shape.

After using it you wash it in cold water and leave it to dry.

So – does it work? I wrapped sandwiches in it and left them in the fridge overnight and they were still fine the next day. I gave it the ultimate test and wrapped half an onion in it. It actually reduced the smell better than cling film would, though didn’t eradicate it altogether. I guess that would have been a tough ask! The onion didn’t dry out in the fridge wrapped in this. It is washable, but the onion smell lingered so not ideal for reusing on something else. Each roll comes in a cardboard box and measures 100x33cm. The one I had is an attractive olive green decorated with avocados. At £13.95 a roll it seems a little pricey, but it is reusable and better for the environment than foil or cling film so would probably work out as pretty good value.

Heyeco Beeswax Food Wrap is available to buy at Amazon.

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