Discovering the Wilds of Cornwall and North Devon: A Two-Week Camping Adventure

Embarking on a two-week camping excursion across the rugged landscapes of Cornwall and North Devon offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the British countryside’s raw beauty. From the surf-kissed shores of Newquay to the dramatic cliffs of Baggy Point, this journey is a testament to the allure of outdoor adventures in the UK’s most scenic locales.

First Impressions of Newquay

Our adventure commenced in Newquay, a town synonymous with surf culture and breathtaking coastal panoramas. The vibrant energy of the town, coupled with its picturesque beaches, set the perfect backdrop for our camping odyssey. The promise of Newquay’s waves and the allure of its coastal walks were just a prelude to the stunning landscapes we were about to discover.

Journey to the Southern Tip: Lizard Point and Kynance Cove

The trek from Lizard Point to Kynance Cove was nothing short of spectacular. As we navigated the rugged paths, each turn offered a new vista more breathtaking than the last, with the Atlantic Ocean’s azure waters stretching endlessly into the horizon. The day culminated at Wheal Coates, where the remnants of Cornwall’s tin mining past stood as silent sentinels over the crashing waves below.

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Exploring Boscastle and the Magical Museum

Boscastle, with its quaint charm and mystical ambiance, provided a stark contrast to our coastal adventures. The highlight was undoubtedly the visit to The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, where tales of folklore and the occult added an intriguing layer to our journey. The village, seemingly untouched by time, offered a peaceful respite and a glimpse into Cornwall’s rich cultural tapestry.

Historical Wanderlust: St Catherine’s Castle to Fowey

Our exploration took a historical turn as we ventured to St Catherine’s Castle, where history’s echoes mingled with the sea’s whispers. The walk to Readymoney Cove and onwards to Fowey was a journey through time, with each step uncovering layers of Cornwall’s storied past amidst stunning natural beauty.

Transition to North Devon

As we bid farewell to Cornwall’s dramatic landscapes, North Devon awaited with its serene beauty. The transition brought a change in scenery, with rolling hills and lush valleys replacing the rugged cliffs and coves of Cornwall.

Discovering North Devon’s Gems

North Devon, with its understated beauty, offered a different pace of adventure. The visit to Hartland Quay and the mesmerizing waterfall was a highlight, showcasing nature’s raw power and beauty. While Heddon Valley and Mouth, Ilfracombe, Sandy Cove, and Lee Beach exuded a tranquil charm, the overall vibe was more subdued, lacking the dramatic allure of Cornwall’s landscapes.

Farewell Walk to Baggy Point

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Our adventure culminated with a reflective walk to Baggy Point, where the vast expanse of the sea met the sky in a tranquil blue. This final trek was a moment of contemplation, a chance to reminisce about the past two weeks’ myriad experiences and the indelible memories etched in our hearts.

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