Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

I’m sure we can all agree one of the best things about going camping is being able to sit around an open fire on an evening. The warmth and flicker of the logs burning just adds to the entire experience but having to take a portable fire pit that takes up valuable space in the car is a major downside.

Having looked at possible solutions on Amazon I came across the Portable Outdoor Fire Pit for sale and was intrigued by it, it seemed too good to be true, it ticked all the boxes. I wasn’t convinced but at just over £20 I thought it was worth a try, so I placed the order.

My parcel arrived on the 5th November, the perfect night to be able to test the fire pit. On my way home from work I called to pick up some firewood.

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After first use.

Upon opening the package I was surprised at just how small and light it was. The fire pit came with its own carry case, and instructions to set everything up. In theory, this should be really quick and simple to set up, attach the leg extensions and then clip in the steel sheet to the ends. I did struggle to get the legs oriented correctly, this only bamboozled me for a few minutes and having had a few more practice runs managed to get the setup time down to about a minute.

Once set up the fire pit is sturdy on the ground and is large enough to fit about 4 large logs on at the same time. Due to the air being able to get from underneath it was quick to light and get going with minimal kindling. This air circulation proved to be a bit of a downside as while a bag of logs would normally last a full evening, during my test a managed to go through them in about 3 hours. The heat given off was great and managed to keep me warm on a very cold November night.

The next day I cleaned everything down and packaged everything away ready for my next camping trip during which time I inspected the mesh for any damage. Apart from the expected discolouration, the fire pit stood up well. The small holes in the mesh also meant that the ground underneath was undamaged with very little ash falling through to reach the ground.

I’d certainly give the Portable Outdoor Fire Pit our recommendation and this is available to buy now at Amazon.

As described
Value for money
Ease of Use
portable-outdoor-fire-pitA great value and small portable fire pit which I’d highly recommend if space is an issue.


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