The 4 Items No Camper Should Ever Be Without

Camping is a fun way to get outdoors and shake up the habitual. Some people love it, some people hate it but we’re all probably going to find ourselves camping at least once in life no matter how we try to avoid it. Man’s attachment to Mother Nature is stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was making fitness tapes. We’re here to guide you and make sure that you have everything you need when planning your next excursion into the great outdoors. We know that packing can be an absolute ordeal especially when you’ll be depending on these items for an extended period of time. 

Part of the fun of camping is getting on with as little as possible because it’s truly about what you can carry, assuming you’re tent camping. Feel free to rent some of these items or maybe some friends have the things you need if you’re not the most experienced hiker or camper! Being resourceful will help you in the uncharted wilderness! Follow this list of the top 4 items every camper should never be without and you’ll be right as rain!

Fire Starter or Matches

Every person who has seen Survivor or has been a scout knows that fire is one of the most important things when camping. Cooking, staying warm, sterilizing water, cleaning wounds, bathing all can come from fire and having something to help that process along will be greatly appreciated when you’re finished pitching a tent and unloading your pack at the end of the day. 

Comfortable camp furniture/sleeping bag.

Depending on the style of camping you’re planning this could range from collapsible camp chairs to a small stool or from an air mattress to a compact sleeping bag. If you’re planning to hike with all of your belongings it might be smart to have everything be as lightweight and small as possible so larger chairs might not be the best idea. But if you’re driving to your campsite, all bets are off, go ahead bring multiple chairs, air mattress, sleeping bags, snacks, the works. But we guarantee that having some comfort along the way will be welcome after hiking or while cooking and eventually sleeping!

Insect Repellent

Okay so this may not be at the top of everyone’s list but trust us when we say you’ll be thankful. One of the most annoying things about being in the woods or out in the wild is the rampant insects flying about. Imagine after a day of hiking or being out in the sun and you’re trying to cook dinner and relax and all you hear is buzzing in your ears or are being bitten by mosquitoes until you’re one big bug bite. You can even make a DIY bug repellent out of a mason jar by using these tips! We’re trying to save you from excruciating annoyance and frustration by just reminding you to pack even a small bottle of bug spray to prevent this issue! Don’t forget we said to thank us!

First-Aid Kit

A plaster is something that’s always around when you don’t need it but mysteriously disappears when you slice your hand open with a surprisingly sharp butter knife. Take our advice into consideration while packing and put together a kit with some necessities. We’re talking antibacterial ointment, bandages, alcohol swabs, painkillers, gauze and other emergency items could make a huge difference if something should happen. No one wants to bring back an infection after a weekend of eating marshmallows and fishing. Take an old toiletry bag and turn it into your own first aid kit by purchasing all of these items at a drugstore or even in a plastic sandwich bag so they’re all in one place and easily accessible.


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