Lixada Hydration Bladder

As a keen cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, I recently found myself in need of a hydration bladder that would fit seamlessly into my Lixada Cycling Rucksack. I decided to purchase the Lixada Hydration Bladder on Amazon and give it a proper test. In this review, I will share my thoughts and experiences with this handy piece of kit.

Upon arrival, the Lixada Hydration Bladder boasted a sleek and compact design that I found quite appealing. It’s made of a high-quality, BPA-free material called TPU, which ensures that the water you drink is safe and free from any harmful chemicals. With a capacity of 2 litres, it can hold a decent amount of water, perfect for a day-long adventure.

The bladder has a large, screw-top opening that makes filling and cleaning a breeze. I particularly appreciate this feature, as it saves me from the hassle of trying to squeeze water through a small opening. Additionally, the wide mouth design is perfect for adding ice cubes or other refreshing elements, such as fruit slices or electrolyte tablets.

The hose, which measures 107 cm in length, is made of durable and flexible material, allowing it to bend without kinking or leaking. The bite valve has a soft silicone mouthpiece that is both comfortable to use and easy to open or close, ensuring that no water is wasted through accidental spills.

One of the key aspects that drew me to the Lixada Hydration Bladder was its compatibility with my Lixada Cycling Rucksack. The bladder fits perfectly into the dedicated hydration compartment of the rucksack, and the hose can be easily threaded through the designated hole, ensuring it stays in place throughout your journey.

Once the bladder is filled and fitted into the rucksack, it’s a simple matter of taking a sip whenever you feel thirsty. The bite valve is designed for hands-free use, which I find incredibly convenient when cycling or hiking, as it allows me to stay hydrated without having to stop and fumble for a water bottle.

During my time using the Lixada Hydration Bladder, I have found its performance to be reliable and consistent. The bladder has not leaked, even when subjected to the rigours of off-road cycling, and the hose has remained secure and kink-free.

The bite valve provides a good flow of water with minimal effort, which is especially important when you’re gasping for a drink after a challenging hill climb. The taste of the water remains fresh and clean, thanks in part to the high-quality TPU material.

As with any hydration system, it’s important to clean the Lixada Hydration Bladder regularly to ensure it stays free of bacteria and mould. The wide-mouth opening makes this task a breeze, as you can easily reach inside with a brush or cloth. The bladder can also be turned inside-out for a more thorough clean, if needed.

It’s essential to let the bladder air dry completely between uses, which is easily achieved by hanging it up with the opening facing downwards.

In conclusion, I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the Lixada Hydration Bladder. Its design, ease of use, and compatibility with my Lixada Cycling Rucksack make it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient hydration solution. With its quality construction, I have no doubt that this bladder will stand up to the test of time and many more outdoor adventures.

If you’re in need of a hydration bladder that fits seamlessly into your active lifestyle, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Lixada Hydration Bladder a try. You can find it on Amazon, where I purchased

As described
Value for money
Ease of Use
lixada-hydration-bladderThe Lixada Hydration Bladder is a durable, affordable, and reliable solution for outdoor enthusiasts in need of convenient hydration. Paired with the Lixada Cycling Rucksack, it provides an excellent combination for cyclists and hikers alike, offering a comfortable and hassle-free way to stay hydrated during adventures.


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