The Trinkie

Nestled in the dramatic northern landscapes of Scotland, The Trinkie is one of the nation’s most underappreciated coastal treasures. If you’ve not yet discovered its charm, this comprehensive guide will navigate you through its remarkable features and what makes it an absolute must-visit.

Getting to The Trinkie: The Trinkie is located on the North Coast of Scotland. For those venturing by car, once you reach Wick, a town in the county of Caithness, you will find signposts leading to The Trinkie. While there isn’t a direct train line to The Trinkie, Wick serves as the closest station. From there, a short taxi ride or a leisurely walk will get you to this coastal marvel.

Landmarks and Features:

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  • The Trinkie Pool: The jewel of The Trinkie is undoubtedly its outdoor swimming pool. Carved into the rock, this tidal pool has been a favoured summertime retreat for locals for decades. Unlike many other old tidal pools scattered around the UK, The Trinkie Pool is still very much in use. It’s a testament to the community’s commitment that the pool is maintained and remains a focal point for gatherings, especially during the warmer months. The crisp, clear waters offer a refreshing dip, and the surrounding rocky enclave provides a natural windbreak, making it a delightful suntrap on sunny days.
  • The Coastal Views: The panorama of the rugged coastline, with waves crashing against the cliffs and the vast expanse of the North Sea, is simply breathtaking. On a clear day, you might even spot some playful seals or the distant outline of Orkney.

Walks Around The Trinkie: The coastal path that runs along The Trinkie offers walkers of all abilities the chance to soak in the sea air and unparalleled views.

  • Trinkie to Wick: A moderate walk, this route takes you along the cliff edges, offering expansive sea views, and ends in the historic town of Wick. Along the way, stop and admire the varied birdlife that calls these cliffs home.
  • Noss Head Lighthouse Walk: Starting at The Trinkie and heading west, this shorter walk will take you to the iconic Noss Head Lighthouse. With a little luck, you might spot some dolphins or even a whale in the distance!

Did You Know?

  • Historical Significance: The area around The Trinkie has been inhabited for centuries. Wick itself is steeped in history, notably as a Viking settlement and for its once-booming herring industry.
  • Natural Reservoir: The word ‘Trinkie’ is believed to come from the Norse term meaning “drinking pool”. This could hint at the natural pools in the area serving as freshwater sources in times gone by.

In conclusion, The Trinkie is more than just a scenic spot on Scotland’s North Coast; it’s a step back in time, an open-air museum of nature and history. Whether you’re an avid walker, a history buff, or simply someone seeking solace by the sea, The Trinkie awaits your discovery. Safe travels!

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