Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

Currently on a quest to improve my overall health and wellbeing, I’ve been utilising an array of mobile applications to monitor my fitness progress. Upon reaching a seemingly stagnant stage, I contemplated acquiring a heart rate monitor to delve deeper into my performance.

After undertaking the customary investigation, I ultimately selected the Wahoo TICKR as my heart rate monitor of choice. A significant factor in this decision was the variety of additional products the company offered. Recently reigniting my passion for cycling, I had been considering the purchase of a cycling computer and sensors, thus it appeared sensible to remain loyal to one brand. The heart rate monitor, being the most affordable item on my wish list, seemed an ideal starting point to familiarise myself with Wahoo’s offerings.

I placed my order on Amazon and eagerly awaited its arrival the following day. Upon unboxing the package, I found the TICKR and an accompanying quick start guide. The monitor appeared precisely as advertised, and I was thoroughly impressed with its excellent build quality.

After trying on the strap, my initial impression was less than favourable. It felt peculiar and I suspected it might be too constricting and uncomfortable. However, with the arrival of pleasant weather, I ventured outdoors to test the TICKR whilst cycling and walking. To my delight, any reservations about the strap’s comfort were swiftly dispelled. Within a mere ten minutes, I had completely forgotten I was wearing it. Impressively, it remained securely in place without any adjustments during a 40-mile bike ride and a 10-mile walk.

In the beginning, I experimented with the TICKR in conjunction with various iPhone applications. As anticipated, the strap functioned seamlessly with the Wahoo Fitness app. Additionally, it integrated effortlessly with Strava. Despite my best efforts, I encountered difficulties when attempting to connect the strap with MapMyWalk.

To further evaluate the TICKR, I borrowed a Wahoo Element Bolt. It was here that the strap truly demonstrated its full potential. The pairing process with the Bolt was straightforward, and as I embarked on my workout, everything functioned smoothly. The ability to view my live heart rate zones during exercise proved to be an invaluable asset.

The Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor can be purchased on Amazon for those interested in enhancing their fitness tracking experience.

As described
Value for money
Would recommend
wahoo-tickr-heart-rate-monitorWhile not the cheapest on the market, it’s certainly good value and works especially well with the various phone apps available.


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